Programs Funded

Because of fundraising efforts by our parents and local Kings Mountain community, KMAP and SSC have been able to spend over $1,600 per child to supply student resources and support.  For a powerful example of what parent and community volunteers do for this school, we often point to the programs many people think are just a “given” in a school, perhaps funded by the district.

Many of the “extras” at KMES are made possible by the funds raised through KMAP, such as:
• The enhanced, hands-on science program
• Intervention specialist and classroom aides
• Art in Action
• Music program
• Computers
• SMART Boards
• Teacher’s Supplies
• The Lion’s Den

Parents and families often ask what they can do to help and keep all of this running smoothly.  There are lots of options! You could make a tax deductible donation to KMAP or attend our fundraiser events.  You may also choose to volunteer your time in your child’s classroom, help with planning an event, or contribute to the success of our programs by joining the KMAP board.