Kings Mountain Art Fair

The Kings Mountain Art Fair is an annual 3-day event hosted by the Kings Mountain community on Labor Day weekend.  Held at the KM Community Center (on Skyline Blvd), the fair raises funds for the KM Fire Department and also supports KM Elementary School.

Each year, KMAP sells its famed dinner-plate sized cookies at the cookie booth and hosts a Face Painting booth at the fair.

The Cookie Bake itself happens at a commercial bakery.  Every year, the Cookie Bake committee plans for bake day – getting donations and purchasing ingredients, preparing volunteer assignments, choosing the ‘mystery flavor’ for that year, and much more.

One week before the fair, parents and community members get together to bake cookies to be sold. The fun atmosphere at the bakery belies the fact that this is a serious operation, baking 4,000 cookies in one day!

Cookie transport from the bakery to Skyline Boulevard needs lots of muscle and a very large truck! If you have, or know someone who has, a flatbed or pick-up truck, do let us know!

In some years, the cookie bake is scheduled before school starts. Save the date for the last Saturday before Labor Day weekend.

Cookie Sales are a fun family volunteering opportunity at the Art Fair.  Everyone from grandparents to pre-school siblings can help sell cookies.  Choose to sell from the cookie booth, or pick a roving-wagon shift.

Face painting is a fun activity that young visitors to the fair enjoy.  If you have an artistic bent (or not!), sign up to help as a face painter, glitter (sticker) tattooist, booth manager, or planner. If you prefer, booth set up/tear down help is always needed.

Join the Planning Committees. Much of the planning leg-work has already been done and you’ll be guided by years-worth of experience from parents who’ve done this before! Just follow the script and you won’t go wrong.