With just around 50 families in our school, there many opportunities to volunteer at KMES and help keep things running smoothly.  Depending on your skills and interest, you could choose to help in your child’s classroom or outside the classrooms at school events and fundraisers.

Are you artistic and enjoy design and layout?  Or do you prefer working with your hands?  Enjoy gardening? Do you know interesting people? Prefer planning or would rather just show up and be told what to do?  Tell us how you’d like to help, and we’ll connect you with the right opportunity!

KMAP hosts several fundraising programs every year. Each event is led by an event committee, and a group of volunteers helps with various planning and set up details.  The time commitments range from a couple of hours per week to one shift onsite at an event.
Volunteer needs include roles like committee leads,  event planning, designers, and webmasters; or hands-on help with tasks like setting out tables and chairs for programs, audiovisual set up, printing, auction donation requests, and more. Pick one or more opportunities where you’d like to help!
Visit the Fundraising Events menu for more details about each event and contact the KMAP Board (kmap-executive-board@googlegroups.com) if you’d like to help!

In the Classroom:
All of our teachers appreciate parent volunteers in the classroom. Areas where the teacher may need your help:
• Student support in specific subjects such as Art in Action, science, PE, computers, reading and math.
• Teacher support such as making copies, driving on field trips, donating supplies, making posters, preparing projects, or correcting papers.
Let your teacher know you are available to help in your child’s classroom and areas you are interested in supporting.

School Clean Up Days:
Once or twice a year, we have a day when we clean and organize the school classrooms and grounds to positively impact the student and staff’s working environment.  This a fun, community-building event that will be led by the 5th grade class in the Spring.  The teachers and staff compile a list of chores to be done and the school families come to help out as they can. Tasks usually include cleaning, painting, raking, and planting.
Look for date and sign-up information, usually via email and flyers.