KMES Yearbook

Kings Mountain Elementary School Annual Yearbook

Every year KMAP produces a yearbook that is available to our students, their families, and staff. It is a fun collection of student portraits, special event photos, general school year photos, and personalized pages made by our KMES families to honor their students.

Online Year Book Order Form:  Online Order Form Due May 14th

Submit Your Yearbook Payment: Pay Now! Due May 14th

1st copy of the 2020-2021 Yearbook $20
Additional copies of the 19-20 Yearbook $10 each
Personalized Pages  
Full Page $20 each
Full Page 5th Graders Only (1 page) $0

How do Yearbooks work in a year of Remote Learning?

You might wonder how we’ll compile a yearbook during this odd year of remote learning.  Well we need your help!  We need each family to submit 5 pictures of your KMES student(s) that highlights the student’s uniqueness, talents, and special attributes.  We are also asking families to compose an acrostic poem using the letters in the student(s) first name. The poem is optional.

Please submit your 5 photos per student and poem HERE. ………………….Due April 30th

We are looking for photos of the following:

First day of school
Class Zoom Parties
Remote Learning Pictures
Spirit Days
Special Projects
Any other school related happenings that you might have!
Submit General Photos HERE ………………….Due April 30th

Personalized Content Submissions……………..Due May 7th

Personalized content is also an important part of our yearbook. You create your page (collage) on the photo platform of your preference (publisher, power point, layout app, etc) and then submit a digital PDF copy to be included in the yearbook. (If you can’t send a PDF, then a PNG or JPEG file is fine as well).

Fifth Grade Personalized Pages (1 free page per 5th grader). This is a really special way to personalize your child’s yearbook.  It is as simple as gathering your favorite photos on a single page, writing a special message and then submitting the file.

Submit personalized page content HERE………………….Due May 7th.

(PDF preferred, if PDF is not available then a PNG or JPEG file)